tv-housing being used during rafting
We manufacture waterproof housings and rain-cape / hurricane hoods for professional applications with Beta-SP-cameras and digital prosumer-camcorders .

The waterproof ewa-marine housings allow you to use your camera in a multitude of adverse conditions:

  • under water to a depth of 5 meters (15 feet)
  • out door sports and watersports events
  • on small boats and yachts
  • in the surf, spray and storms
  • under waterfalls
  • in the tropics (high humidity)
  • in dusty and sandy environments (sand storms)
  • "clean room" environments
  • sterile areas (e.g. medical applications)
  • protection against contamination (chemical)
  • protection against the risk of explosion (gases, vapours)
  • under ground in mines

shooting" the duck close up


getting ready to dive in the Arctic


filming an Anaconda in the Amazon

We manufacture our TV-housings in two lengths to fit a wide selection of Beta-cam and DVCam cameras. All lens and camera functions can be operated while the camera is in the housing.
The TV 182 is made to fit camera systems of the following lenth
(as measured from the back of the battery to the front of the lens)
540 mm to 650mm
(21 1/4 inch to 25 1/2 inch)
The TV 184 is made to fit camera systems of the following lenth
(as measured from the back of the battery to the front of the lens)
660 mm to 730mm
(26 inch to 28 3/4 inch)
The special, patented ewa-marine adapter system (included with every housing) secures the lens to the housing's front port (made from special, hardened, optical glass).

The set includes a reduction adapter AR77-82mm and system-rings ARS82 for 82mm filter tread, and ARS95 for 95mm filter tread.

As an option we can also supply the system-ring ARS94 for a 94mm filter thread.

Shooting a scene during a tv-production: rtv productions Roman Teufel
The camera can be operated from the outside of the housing. We have installed "fingers" in various positions to allow a hassle free adjustment of zoom and lens. All controls and displays are visible from the outside.

The housing is fitted with carry straps and clip on belts for additional diving weights.

The view finder can be used either horizontally (camera on your shoulder), vertically (camera under water with the cameraman standing above water level) or at any angle in between. A special, highly transparent foil allows a clear look into the view finder.


The advantages of the flexible housing in contrast to a hard aluminium or poly-carbonate housing are obvious:

  • light weight (approximately 1.2 kg)
  • small packing volume
  • all controls can be operated and seen through the transparent, muti-layered foil
  • the housing will float with the camera inside (unless fitted with additional weights for serious diving)
  • simple, but very safe end most effective, maintenance free seal

The housing should be checked before each use under water as described in the user manual. Due to the simple an yet verry effective system, the ewa-marine housing provides the safest sollution for out door and under water productions.



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