Permit us to introduce my company. We are Young-jin Image Co., Ltd a firm that sells products related to broadcasting systems. To maintain awareness of new broadcast technology, which is changing rapidly, and to broaden the field of business, We are searching other items linked to broadcast.

1,Company mission

 As a import and sales company for broadcast equipment, We do not pursue only profit. Our company is trying to assist in the development of Korean broadcast field. Once we notice a client's needs and match a product to that need. We then work closely with the client to ensure their needs is satisfied and that will want to purchase products through us again.


- Company             : Young-jin Image co., Ltd

- President             : Man Sung, Do

- Established           : April. 26, 1993

- Investment Capital    : US$ 125,000.00

- Employees           : 12

- 2006 Sales Revenue  : US$ 530,000.00

- Phone Number        : +82-02-822-9935-8, +82-02-766-6634

- Fax Number          : +82-02-822-9979

- E-mail Address       :

- Homepage Address   :

- Address              : 22, Noryangjin-ro 28-gi, Dongjak-gu

                           Seoul, Korea (PC: 156-060)

3, Main Customers.

- The 4 largest Broadcasting Systems and their affiliates in Korea

- Local Private Broadcasting station(8 company)

- Priduction providers for Cable TV (120 company)

- 120 Cable TV Channels

- Over 50 Video Producers

- Over 80 Advertising Agencies

- Advertising Divisions of Major Korean Corporations,

- Universities' broadcasting

4,Details of Sales.

We have offer comprehensive broadcasting equipment(shooting/Editing equipment and those accessories )and its installation to our clients.

                                                        February 28th , 2007

Thank you

      Young-Jin Image Co. Ltd

      President Man Sung, Do

서울특별시 동작구 노량진로 28길 22(본동) Tel:(02)822-9935-8 ,(02)766-6634 /Fax:(02)822-9979 /